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Each successive coat of Synergy copper antifouling will build thickness and improve appearance Abrading copper antifouling even with 600 grit paper causes scratches to which fouling can attach


Application Instructions

SYNERGY is a three pack water born product that is virtually odourless. It consists of a tub of resin, a bottle of hardener and a bottle of copper powder. When mixed it forms a thick, creamy pseudoplastic liquid in which the copper does not settle. It is easy to apply with a brush or short pile roller because its viscosity is reduced by agitation which enables it to be spread easily and flow to a smooth finish.

SUBSTRATE PREPARATION We recommend that all old antifoulings are removed from the hull before application of SYNERGY. The hull should be thoroughly sanded to a smooth, even finish.

New GRP hulls should be de-waxed with solvent and sanded until the surface has been completely abraded to a matt appearance.

Steel and non ferrous metal hulls should be suitably primed and given adequate protection against corrosion.

APPLICATION CONDITIONS     SYNERGY can be applied at any temperature above 5oC but as it is water born, the water must be able to dry from the coating before it cures. Therefore, the relative humidity should not be excessively high. A gentle breeze will help drying, especially in cold conditions. Generally if it can dry within two or three hours good results will be obtained.

PRIMING SYNERGY is permeable and it must be applied to one coat of SAFEGUARD TC epoxy tie coat. To ensure good adhesion the primer should be over-coated with SYNERGY within 24 hours in hot and 36 hours in cold conditions.

If protection from osmosis is desired, two to four coats of SAFEGUARD EA or TSF epoxy moisture barrier coatings can be applied before application of SYNERGY.

MIXING      Pour the hardener into the tub of resin wand stir thoroughly for several minutes before adding the copper powder. Slowly pour in the copper powder while continuing to stir the product. Continue stirring until a smooth, even consistency is achieved.

POT LIFE    The pot life of SYNERGY depends on the temperature as shown in this table. The product will gradually thicken when the pot life has expired. If this occurs the product should be discarded.

APPLICATION      Apply SYNERGY with a short pile roller in 4 or 5 thin coats. SYNERGY is much quicker and easier to apply than epoxy based products and although more coats are required application will not require more time or effort. The first coat will look thin and uneven, this is normal. Each successive coat will build thickness and improve appearThe first coat of Synergy copper antifouling will look thin and patchy, this is normal, do not try to 'touch it up'ance. Do not go back over a coat to ‘touch it up’.

Apply Synergy in thin coats to achieve the best finish. To obtain the correct coating thickness apply as many coats of Synergy as are required to use the calculated quantity of material. The copper powder in Synergy should not settle but it is advisable to stir the product occasionally to ensure an even distribution.

Apply successive coats when all of the water in the first coat has evaporated. As a general rule overcoat after twice the time has elapsed that it took for the previous coat to become touch dry. e.g. If the first coat of SYNERGY is touch dry in 1 hour overcoat after a further hour.

EQUIPMENT     Wash equipment in water but do not allow copper to enter drains or the environment.

LIFTING AND COATING OF PAD AREAS  In most conditions Synergy will be sufficiently hard to be lifted in slings within 24 hours and launched after 48 hours.

ABRADING SYNERGY has been developed to leach the optimum amount of copper to its surface to keep it free of fouling. We do not recommend abrading because it scores the surface of the coating with minute scratches that promote the attachment of fouling. Abrading also reduces coating thickness and causes pollution. A cleaner that will remove surface contamination before re-launching will be available soon.

HEALTH & SAFETY      Always wear rubber gloves when using SYNERGY as it will adhere tenaciously to bare skin. Avoid inhalation of copper dust when mixing. If applying SYNERGY with spray equipment an air fed mask should be used. Do not allow SYNERGY to contaminate the environment.

HOW MUCH WILL YOU NEED?   1 LITRE of SYNERGY will cover approximately 3.4 square metres or 36 square feet with four coats.

The easiest method for calculating the amount of SYNERGY that you will require is to enter the dimensions of your craft into our calculator using this link.

Synergy is available in pack sizes of 0.5, 1, 2.5 and 5 litres.