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Apply STRIPPIT and leave for 12-24 hours.

Pressure wash.

If a domestic pressure washer was used gently sand the hull and rinse.

A commercial pressure washer will often leave the hull perfectly clean.

STRIPPIT should be applied with a brush made with synthetic bristles, a small soft kitchen brush is ideal. STRIPPIT only works while it is damp and therefore best results are achieved if it is applied in damp conditions or in the evening. In dry weather the STRIPPIT can be covered with small sheets of polyethylene film to prevent premature drying.



STRIPPIT antifouling remover has been designed to remove old antifouling and conventional paints from GRP craft with the minimum of effort without damaging the gel coat or epoxy coatings. It is effective on most types of self polishing and leaching antifouling.

STRIPPIT is a solvent free, caustic, thixotropic paste which is applied to the hull, left for 12-24 hours and removed by washing with high pressure water. High pressure hot water or steam is particularly effective.

STRIPPIT should be left to dissolve the old antifouling for at least 12 hours, longer for thick coatings. The surface should be pressure washed with fresh water. A powerful pressure washer will completely remove most antifoulings but if a DIY washer is used the remaining softened antifouling can easily be removed with coarse wet and dry paper followed by a second pressure washing. More than one application may be necessary on thick coatings as each application will remove 4 to 6 layers of antifouling.

STRIPPIT can also be used on wooden craft but it should not be applied to bare timber. STRIPPIT must not be used on aluminium craft.

USE ON OLD GRP Old GRP can suffer from stress cracking which will eventually show as cracks with the ‘appearance of ‘crazy paving’ These cracks start to form years before they become visible. STRIPPIT will penetrate into these micro-cracks and render them visible. Therefore do not allow STRIPPIT to come onto old GRP that you do not intend to re-coat.

COVERAGE. 1Kilo of STRIPPIT will treat approximately 2.5 square metres or 26 square feet with one application.

HEALTH & SAFETY. STRIPPIT is caustic and should only be used by professionals and people experienced in using hazardous materials. When using STRIPPIT always wear long rubber gloves and goggles.  Apply the product carefully and  avoid splashes. Have a plentiful supply of water available and wash any STRIPPIT off skin immediately with plenty of fresh water. Keep children and animals away and do not allow the runoff to cause pollution.

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