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A new Diva 38 with Seaslip copper gel coat ready to launch.



SEASLIP Gel Coat is a micro-porous epoxy-copper anti-fouling gel-coat that has been developed for in mould application during the manufacture of GRP hulls.

SEASLIP is compatible with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins. It produces a hard, abrasion and damage resistant surface that repels fouling and is self cleaning, even in tropical waters. SEASLIP’S ultra smooth surface has low friction against water that results in higher speed and reduced fuel consumption when compared to conventional antifouling.

SEASLIP is economical. It eliminates the cost of annual antifouling and its self-cleaning property extends the period between slipping because it remains clean for longer than conventional antifouling. It is almost maintenance free, only requiring pressure washing during haul out. SEASLIP has a very long life, up to 15 years or more, depending on the thickness applied.

SEASLIP isSeaslip copper gel coat was applied into the mould before this Diva 38 was laminated. easy to use and cost effective for the builder.  It eliminates the work of de-greasing, abrading and applying primer and antifouling to new craft. It can optionally be applied with Safeguard epoxy-ceramic moisture barrier coating to provide excellent protection from osmosis and give confidence to the owner.

SEASLIP is environmentally friendly. It only erodes at between 3 and 10 microns per year so only leaches a very small amount of copper into the seawater.
SEASLIP MODE OF OPERATION. SEASLIP is more effective than conventional antifouling, because on exposure to sea water copper quickly reacts with oxygen in the water to form cuprous oxide which is a powerful antifouling agent. Further exposure to sea water converts the cuprous oxide to cupric hydrochloride. This does not adhere well to the underlying cuprous oxide and easily washes away with any attached growth to reveal fresh layer of cuprous oxide. This self-cleaning action is unique to products containing a very high content of metallic copper or copper-nickel alloy. The process is facilitated by the porous epoxy binder that allows a constant supply of dissolved copper to easily leach to the surface.

COATING THICKNESS AND EXPECTED LIFE. The life of Seaslip will depend on the thickness that has been applied. Three coats will last for around 15 years and subsequent coats will each add at least 5 years to the life of the coating. Extra coats should be applied to high wear areas such as the waterline, stem, adjacent to the propeller etc.