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This Hurley 22 was given a full osmosis repair treatment using Safeguard epoxy coatings Safeguard TSF will produce a very smooth finish when it is applied with a short pile roller

Safeguard TSF


SAFEGUARD TSF is a totally solvent free, two part epoxy coating that has been specifically developed for use on GRP hulls for protection against “osmosis”.

SAFEGUARD TSF contains carefully selected resins, fillers and additives which together provide the cured coating with extremely low permeability to oxygen and water vapour. The result is a coating that is abrasion resistant and is virtually waterproof. It should be used where an effective osmosis protection coating is required with the ability for multiple coats to be applied in quick succession without the fear of solvent entrapment.

Five coats of Safeguard TSF were applied to this Contessa 32 as part of a full osmosis repair treatment

SURFACE PREPARATION  SAFEGUARD TSF should only be applied to GRP hulls, which are in good condition with low moisture content  (recommended at below 5%). If the hull has a high moisture content, please refer to our “OSMOSIS PREVENTION & REPAIR GUIDE” for details of the work required.

New GRP surfaces must be thoroughly degreased with solvent using plenty of clean cloth, and thoroughly abraded to a matt finish with a Nippy Disc or a dual action sanding machine to provide a mechanical key and improve adhesion. The sanded surface must then be wiped over with a clean cloth soaked in SYNSOL 50 or 100 solvent to leave the surface clean, dry and dust free.

On existing boats, all antifouling must be removed by using STRIPPIT antifouling remover, scraping or blasting. The surface must then be degreased and abraded as above.

MIXING Please click here for full mixing instructions.

IRON AND STEEL  SAFEGUARD TSF will provide excellent protection to iron and steel that has been primed with ARMOURGUARD ST. Apply three coats for long term protection.

The finished coating should be left to cure before immersion for at least 7 days at a temperature not less than the minimum curing temperature of the hardener.

When the SAFEGUARD TSF application has been completed it is the perfect time to apply SYNERGY long life metallic copper antifouling. SYNERGY gives excellent protection against fouling and will eliminate the annual chore of antifouling for up to 10 years.