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Diagnosing Osmosis

Planning the  Work


Inspecting & Drying

Materials Required

Epoxy Application

We recommend Advanced Osmosis Technologies to provide you with an expert osmosis diagnosis and repair service

Taking moisture measurements on a gel peeled GRP hull The holes in this GRP laminated should be primed with Safeguard LVP before filling with Easy Fair epoxy filler Safeguard LVP is a low viscosity epoxy primer that will penetrate into and consolidate osmosis damaged GRP laminate Using a gel peeling machine to remove the gel coat from a GRP hull in the first stage of osmosis treatment

The Reactive Resins Osmosis Guide has all you need to know

to enable you to prevent or treat osmosis in your GRP craft

This guide has been written to help you with the prevention or identification and treatment of osmosis. We can advise you on the best way of saving both time and money and ensuring that your craft is fully protected.

You can do much of the work yourself or we can put you in touch with approved contractors who can do just the preparation or the entire job.

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