Armourguard PW potable water tank coating being applied to large concrete tanks
Conseal P applied to the bottom of a concrete smolt tank at a Scottish salmon hatchery Armourguard PW cures to an hard but tough coating that is slightly flexible

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Armourguard PW used to coat salmon smolt tanks

Armourguard PW potable water tank coating at a large salmon hatchery

1000 LITRES OF Armourguard PW potable water tank coating and 500 Litres of Conseal P concrete primer were used to coat 16 large smolt tanks at a salmon hatchery western Scotland.

One coat of Conseal P and two coats of Armourguard PW were applied to the tanks by Site Sealants Limited over a two week period.

The tanks were allowed to cure for 7 days before they were flushed with sea water and put back into service.

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Synergy copper antifouling proves itself

SYNERGY is the result of 20 years experience in coppeSynergy copper antifouling after 23 months afloat only has a thin layer of slime that was easily removedr antifouling and 4 years development of an entirely new resin binder.

Because SYNERGY’s binder is hydrophilic it is inherently permeable, its copper release rate and therefore its antifouling performance is not effected by the ambient conditions during application and cure as are epoxy based products.

SYNERGY is proving effective in European and tropical waters and with a long life it is probably the most economical antifouling available. After 23 months continuously afloat in a high fouling area this yacht only required pressure washing to remove a thin film of algae.

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Armourguard ST

ARMOURGUARD ST is a recently developed surface tolerant epoxy-ceramic metal primer with enhanced flexibility, adhesion and anti-corrosion properties.

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Armourguard PW Potable water tank coating

proves its durability.

ARMOURGUARD PW potable water tank coating has been on sale for several years and is gaining appreciation from users in the UK and abroad.

One customer comments:-

‘Our ballast tank has been prepared and coated by the shipyard here in Malta and I must say I love it and tomorrow will fill it with fresh water.

The Armourguard is by far superior to what we had in our forward fresh water tank, I have been on your website again and have been choosing some more coatings that I want to use in some other areas of the boat, Particularly our steering gear room which doesn't get a lot of cleaning and is overdue for a good clean and paint, for this I have been looking at the conseal range and probably the LSC.

In all of the years I have spent on commercial vessels and private yachts, this is the best tank coating I have seen.

Anyway thank you for all of your help



Marcus Addington

M/Y Mystere Shadow

Update 12.1.16  

We are again in the shipyard and have all of our tanks open again. The water tank is in extremely good condition and is the only tank that does not require any maintenance work. Its been 3 years now.

Marcus Addington

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