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Diagnosing Osmosis

Planning the  Work


Inspecting & Drying

Materials Required

Epoxy Application

We recommend Advanced Osmosis Technologies to provide you with an expert osmosis diagnosis and repair service

GRP hull gel peeled and ready to be coated with Safeguard epoxy coatings

Materials Required

REACTIVE RESINS manufacture a complete range of advanced epoxy products to repair and fully protect your boat.

REACTIVE RESINS SAFEGUARD range of products have been developed to protect new or repair damaged GRP laminates and to provide  a complete moisture barrier to keep the laminate dry.  SAFEGUARD coatings are easy to apply and offer unrivalled performance as an abrasion resistant moisture barrier. New boats can be protected from the day of launch and existing boats can be treated and protected at any time during their lives.

SAFEGUARD LVP is a clear, low viscosity two component epoxy primer for peeled GRP. It will penetrate resin starved and porous areas of laminate. It contains additives that promote the displacement of air and bonding of the new coating to the existing resin and reinforcement.

SAFEGUARD EA is our original easy application osmosis prevention coating that was developed for amateur use. It is an economical, two part low solvent epoxy coating that is easy to apply and produces excellent results.

SAFEGUARD EA is insensitive to moisture during application and can be applied in winter at temperatures down to 5ºC. Because it contains a small amount of solvent (5%) it is easy to apply, has good pot life and adequate over-coating time. Only one coat can safely be applied per day in cool conditions but two coats can be applied per day in warm weather.

SAFEGUARD TSF is a totally solvent free two part epoxy water barrier coating that has been designed for professional use. It is available with several hardeners to suit various application techniques. A fast hardener will enable the skilled applicator to apply up to five coats per day while a slow one will provide a good over-coating period that is useful when working on larger craft. Because the material is totally solvent free there is no fear of solvent entrapment.

EASY FAIR SEU is an easy to sand epoxy undercoat that dries to a matt finish. It is applied over the last coat of SAFEGUARD EA or TSF to fill the brush marks and roller stipple. When sanded it can be over-coated at any time after it has cured. It provides a good base for conventional anti-foulings or for SYNERGY metallic copper antifouling.

SAFEGUARD TC is a tie coat that is used as a primer for Synergy copper antifouling and some conventional antifoulings.

EASY FAIR fillers are two part, low density epoxy fillers that are easy to mix and apply. They cure quickly and are easy to sand to a smooth finish with perfect feather edges.

QUANTITIES REQUIRED To estimate the quantities of material required to coat your craft enter her waterline dimensions or bottom area into the Boat Bottom Area and Material Quantity Calculator and enter the number of coats of each material that you require.

The bottom area of your craft may have been provided by her builders. The bottom areas of several hundred craft may be found in our list Bottom Areas of Popular GRP Pleasure Craft’  Please note that the areas shown are the GRP areas and do not include the areas of metal keels.