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Conseal P epoxy concrete primer penetrates old concrete and consolidates its surface Conseal LVP clear epoxy concrete primer is idel for shot blasted or diamond ground concrete floors Conseal SL is a self levelling epoxy screed that will produce  perfectly smooth, seamless floors Conseal M epoxy mortar produces a rock hard polymer concrete that is ideal for heave duty floors Conseal TSF epoxy ceramic floor coating applied to a presteige car factory floor Easy Deck faring compound is easy lay and can be sanded to a perfectly even surface Easy Deck fire retardant epoxy sealer is used to seal the surface of Easy Deck low density screed Easy Deck fire retardant epoxy ceramic deck coating provides an attractive and durable finish. Easy Deck fire retardant epoxy ceramic deck coating is available in any colour Synergy copper antifouling is effective even in high fouling areas Safeguard TSF waterproof epoxy osmosis treatment coating provides excellent protection for GRP craft against osmosis Safeguard LVP is a low viscosity epoxy primer for gel peeled GRP Easy Fair epoxy filler is a waterproof, light weight marine filler that is easy to sand
Synergy long life copper antifouling remains free of fouling for long periods Easy Deck faring compound is a light weight, fire retardant epoxy deck faring compound that is easy to lay Armourguard PW potable water tank coating was applied to 16 large salmon smolt rearing tanks at a Scottish salmon hatchery. Conseal P concrete primer was used to prime the concrete before application of Armourguard PW A second coat of Armourguard was applied before the first had fully cured to ensure that a chemical bond developed between the coats.  Armourguard PW was used to restore this concrete effluent treatment plant in a chocolate factory Armourguard PW was used to restor an effluent treatment system at a chocolate factory Armourguard ST is a surface tolerant steel primer that is extremely flexible

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Advanced Resins and Coatings for Marine and Industrial Applications

Reactive Resins specialise in the development and production of advanced epoxy and polyurethane resins and coatings for marine, industrial and flooring applications.

We produce a range of products that are held in stock or can be quickly made. We can also produce custom formulas for products that solve otherwise insurmountable problems.

Easy Deck faring compound is easy to sand because it is composed of low density glass macro-spheres of various sizes.

Please have a look through our product pages but if you do not find what you require please contact us as we have formulas for many products not shown on this site.

Reactive Resins produce a range of speciality resins and coatings

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