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Timberseal PS epoxy primer and Timberseal CV epoxy varnish on a 100 year old wooden boat





Syntac Epoxy Resins


REACTIVE RESINS offer several standard SYNTAC liquid epoxy resins that are suitable for most marine and industrial applications. We are also able to supply specialty resins tailored to suit individual applications. SYNTAC resins are cured with our range of SYNAMIN hardeners for ambient, low bake and heat cure processes.

SYNTAC EPAFD is a marine industry standard low viscosity epoxy resin that contains di-functional reactive diluents that produce excellent  physical properties and good heat resistance.

SYNTAC EPSyntac epoxy resins and hardeners were used to construct the hull of this foam cored racing yachtAFD is suitable for general marine and industrial use. It produces smooth coatings free from fish eyes or dimples. When mixed with SYNAMIN 200 series hardeners it can be used alone or with a range of fillers for general bonding, coating and laminating. Suitable for resin infusion and closed mould processes when used with SYNAMIN 300 and 400 series hardeners.

SYNTAC EPAFD-UV is a UV resistant grade of EPAFD that can be used with SYNAMIN 258 to produce coatings and laminates with excellent resistance to yellowing when exposed to sunlight.

SYNTAC EPAF is a blend of bisphenol A and bisphenol F type epoxy resins. It has medium viscosity and reactivity combined with excellent heat and chemical resistance due to its high cross-link density. Excellent for use as an adhesive and for fillet bonding etc. It can be used in winter conditions when SYNTAC EPA resin would be too viscous to handle.

SYNTAC EPA is a high viscosity bisphenol A type epoxy resin. It is our lowest cost resin and it has medium reactivity and good heat, water and chemical resistance. It’s high viscosity is not a problem when used at temperatures above 15oC with SYNAMIN 200 series hardeners. Suitable for use as an adhesive and for general boat building applications. Not suitable for laminating, coating, resin infusion or injection due to its high viscosity.

SYNTAC EPAFMD is low viscosity industrial grade epoxy resin that contains a mono-functional reactive diluent. It is has lower heat resistance and physical properties than our other resins but its lower cost makes it a popular choice for flooring, epoxy concrete etc.

REACTIVE RESINS also stock several other types of epoxy resins that are not shown here. If you require a resin for a specific purpose please we will be pleased to hear from you.