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Easy Fair epoxy fiiller should be proportioned by weight to get best results Mix Easy Fair Filler with a trowel using a scraping motion until it has an even colour and a smooth texture Continue mixing Easy Fair Filler until a smooth, creamy paste is obtained that has an even colour Apply Easy Fair waterproof epoxy filler with a trowel that has a smooth edge Easy Fair Epoxy Filler is waterproof and can be used above or below the waterline on GRP, wood, steel and aluminium Easy Fair waterproof epoxy filler can be used above and below the waterline and is easy to sand to a perfect finish Easy Fair waterproof epoxy filler applied to this yacht is ready to sand

Easy Fair Epoxy Filler



Easy Fair waterproof epoxy filler sanded and ready for coating.

EASY FAIR T and S fillers are light weight, waterproof two component epoxy compounds that are easy to mix and apply and are easy to sand to a perfect finish. Together with EASY FAIR HB, high build spray-able filler and EASY FAIR SEU sandable epoxy undercoat they cater for all marine filling and fairing requirements above and below water.

EASY FAIR fillers have excellent tensile and compression strength but are tough and slightly flexible and do not crack or split. Because they are resilient they have high impact resistance and do not easily dent or mark.

EASY FAIR fillers can be applied to virtually any substrate including GRP, aluminium, steel, plywood and timber.

EASY FAIR fillers bond tenaciously to the substrate and are readily sanded to a fine finish. Perfect feather edges are easy to achieve. They should be applied to previously primed surfaces and should be allowed to cure before sanding.

EASY FAIR T Trowel-able epoxy filler is stiff enough when mixed to be applied in layers up to 25 mm thick without sagging or fear of cracking, but is soft enough to be easily applied and trowel-ed to a feather edge.

EASY FAIR S Spread-able epoxy filler is more fluid than the trowel-able grade and  is suitable for filling shallow imperfections such as are found on gel peeled GRP hulls. It is easy to mix and is best applied in thin layers with a flexible metal or plastic applicator.

Both grades have a working life of 25 minutes at 20oC and can be sanded after 2½ hours to an extremely smooth finish and to an imperceptible edge. Slower setting hardener paste with a longer working life is available to order.

PREPARATION The substrate must be clean, dry and free of grease, dust etc.

Substrates should be primed:-

MIXING Weigh out the components accurately onto a board, use digital scales to ensure good results. It is essential to use the correct proportions of resin and hardener paste to obtain maximum heat resistance.

Mix the two components together with a trowel on a board using a scraping motion until both colours have amalgamated and the filler has a perfectly homogenous appearance

APPLICATION  A clean trowel or applicator with a perfectly smooth edge is essential for easy application. A slightly rough edge will drag and make application and sanding more difficult. Apply the filler in long, smooth, level strokes.

Allow to set and sand off high areas using a long foam sanding board. Sometimes, depending on the skill of the applicator, a second or third application will be required to fill deep hollows.