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Easy Deck


The Easy Deck marine flooring and decking system comprises a group of complimentary products for faring and finishing weather and internal decks. Some are currently available and some are still under development.

We are currently working towards Lloyds - IMO approval which we expect to achieve late in 2016

Easy Deck faring compound is a light weight, fire retardant deck faring compound Easy Deck faring compound is easy to sand Easy Deck fire retardant epoxy sealer. Easy Deck fire retardant epoxy ceramic deck coating

Other products including flexible and rigid self levelling epoxy floorings and polyurethane elastomer wear coats are under development.

EASY DECK Fairing Compound is an easy to lay, low density, fire retardant epoxy screed that has been developed to fair decks above and below deck. It is easy to mix and lay, is fire retardant, produces little smoke and can be easily sanded or profiled. It is available in various densities.

EASY DECK Sealer is a low viscosity sealer for EASY DECK faring compound. It penetrates any porosity in the faring compound sealing it and preventing the ingress of water.

EASY DECK  Deck Coating is a colour stable, fire retardant epoxy deck coating that can be applied over sealed Easy Deck Faring Compound.