Development Projects from Reactive Resins

Development Projects

We are continuously working to develop new products and to improve existing ones by increasing performance or reducing their environmental impact.

Current projects include:-

PASSIVATE PT, Pre-treatment for ferrous metals.

Since the abolition of lead paints, coating of ferrous metals that have been immersed in sea water has be problematic. Unless all traces of salt had been removed from the surface of the metal before application of the new coating, failure was inevitable.

Shot blasting and pressure washing will not completely remove the salt. Coatings are not totally impermeable and water molecules will eventually permeate through the coating, dissolve the salt to form brine, which will cause corrosion beneath the coating.

Clean steel will not rust when immersed in pure water. If flash rust forms soon after steel has been shot blasted or mechanically cleaned it is a clear indication that the surface is contaminated. Painting the steel immediately before it has rusted does not solve the problem, it merely seals in the salt to do it work.

PASSIVATE PT is a new surface treatment that displaces salt by reacting with the metal surface. PASSIVATE PT provides a reactive surface which increases adhesion of two part coatings.