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Conseal TSFapplied to the floor of a prestige car factory The last coat of Conseal TSF was decorated with PVA flake and sealed with Synacryl Flake Sealer Conseal TSF can easily be applied by untrained personel. This worn concrete floor was given a new lease of life with Conseal TSF One coat of Conseal P and two coats of Conseal Utility were applied to this factory floor




Conseal Ceramic


CONSEAL CERAMIC is a two part, totally solvent free, ceramic filled epoxy floor coating. It has exceptional wear and abrasion resistance and is suitable for use in high wear areas and in situations where the use of solvent containing paints may be a problem.

CONSEAL CERAMIC contains an advanced epoxy resin formula that has considerably lower viscosity than other solvent free epoxy coatings. This attribute renders the product easier to apply and extends the application season into colder weather.

CONSEAL CERAMIC contains a large amount of microscopic ceramic micro-spheres which impart tremendous abrasion resistance to the cured coating. It has excellent opacity and covering power, is resistant to oil, petrol, diesel fuel, most chemicals and has good resistance to sunlight.

CONSEAL coatings cure to produce a semi- gloss to gloss finish that is sufficiently slip resistant for most dry situations. For wet areas or where maximum slip resistance is required, we have a selection of non-slip additives that can be added to the coating to produce a variety of textures.

CONSEAL CERAMIC  is very easy to mix and apply and little skill is required to produce a good job, provided the mixing and application instructions  are followed. It can be applied in one thick coat but the inexperienced applicator will achieve a more uniform finish by applying two thinner coats.

CONSEAL coatings are manufactured from the best quality raw materials. They are the result of considerable development work that has produced products of the highest durability, that are easy to apply and are unaffected by cold and damp during application. They can be applied in conditions that would prevent the successful application of many other coatings.

MIXING & APPLICATION It is of paramount importance that epoxy coatings are mixed according to detailed instructions which be accessed by using the links below.